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To enhance client value and in support of our “Innovative Solutions” strategic Imperative, Transcend Facility Management Company is introducing a revolutionary product to our service offerings to guard against health risks. Statistic indicates illnesses in the workplace cost the United States approximately $576 billion a year. At Transcend Facility Management Company, we strive to protect our stakeholders from the harmful bacteria that causes these illnesses. To that end, we have invested in an electrostatic sprayer system that is proven to reach and destroy pathogens almost anywhere.

The combination of both disinfectants and sanitizers with the technology of the electrostatic sprayer system provides superior surface coverage. It is intended for use in all types of facilities such as educational institutions, businesses, healthcare services, hospitality centers, bathrooms, airports, fitness centers, worship centers, and even homes.

Transcend Facility Management Company is excited to announce this new offering. For more information and how it can benefit your facility, contact us at (484) 932-8020 or email