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We are starting 2019 with a renewed focus on ‘Client Relations’ and ‘Service Quality.’ These two strategic imperatives are essential to Transcend Facility Management Company’ sustainability. To further these initiatives, we will maximize the value we deliver to our clients by effecting a higher level of efficiency for cost productivity.

Clients should demand more value from external partners. Client executives themselves are under constant pressure to deliver more for less and to increase their output and they are expected to spend less in doing so. As a facility services partner, Transcend Facility Management Company expects the client to pass some of the burden on to us and we are prepared for the challenge.

Lowering our prices is the least desirable way to add value to our clients. We avoid that strategy because it is a proverbial “race to the bottom” which destroys our ability to invest in our infrastructure and offerings. Instead, we implement strategies to add value in our client relationships without spending more resources and time-and without the damaging fallout of discounting.

One strategic approach is to minimize or outright eliminate low-value support activities from our organization. We are then able to provide extras with favorable value/cost asymmetry. There are invariably some deliverables that have high perceived value to our clients and which cost us very little to provide. We then become agile and fast because the longer we take to deliver a service, the more expensive it becomes. We focus on delivering successful outcomes not perfect ones.

At Transcend Facility Management Company, our primary reason for being in business is to partner with our clients in a way that we are viewed as an extension of their operational staff. The most significant values we add are to enhance the appearance of our clients’ facilities, guard against health risks to our clients’ stakeholders, and we expand the life cycle of our clients’ assets.