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One of our strategic imperatives is to do everything we can to create a “High Performance Culture.” The underlining key performance indicators are geared towards creating a customer centric environment. To achieve that, we clearly define what success looks like, we spell out our preferred culture, we establish stretch targets, we connect to the big picture, and we develop an ownership mentality. We just do not leave the employees on their own but enhance their leadership capabilities through increased communication and collaboration leveraging training and development.

In my opinion, the most significant resource in a company is labor. That is especially true for our industry that is heavily dependent on human capital. At Transcend Facility Management Company, we value our employees and show this value through above market compensation, providing reasonable benefits, and training them for professional development and sustainability.

Enhance, Guard, Preserve can only be maximized through human capital. Yes, we purchase state of the art equipment to facilitate our offerings, we partner with industry leaders to maximize eco-friendly products to deliver our offerings, but our human capital resources are the engine that makes our business go.

Finding the right employees in a tight labor market is a challenge for many companies and building service contractors are not excluded from this challenge. In response to this challenge, many companies are now utilizing staffing firms.

Because our focus is to maximize client value by controlling our cost, we have not bought into that strategy. However, our biggest hiring obstacles are access to candidates with the right skills, finding the time to hire employees, and making the investment to conduct a hiring process.

At Transcend Facility Management Company, our primary reason for being in business is to partner with our clients in a way that we are viewed as an extension of their operational staff. The most significant values we add are to enhance the appearance of our clients’ facilities, guard against health risks to our clients’ stakeholders, and we expand the life cycle of our clients’ assets.