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At Transcend Facility Management Company, our primary objective is to maximize the value we deliver to our clients and stakeholders. We guard against health risks to the facilities where people live, work, eat, learn, worship, and recuperate.

Around the region, we are positioning our company to be the vendor of choice for commercial properties, educational institutions, and health care centers.

We have the experience and resources to provide a comprehensive service regardless of size, scope, and location of the project. Our difference is primarily driven by our commitment to operational excellence, and our performance metrics are monitored through consistent and interactive communication with our clients.

Our client value maximization (CVM) strategy is a real-time service model that goes beyond basic customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, identifying and capturing maximum potential from prospects and existing clients. We personalize our targeted client marketing efforts and attention to maximize the total revenues that every client generates for our company. Our client value maximization strategy is a set of techniques and actions we take to entice clients to increase the frequency and amount of their transactions, and to increase the length of time they remain active customers of our business. Most importantly, we go above
and beyond to be responsive to all of their needs and concerns.

Once we acquire a new client, we employ our marketing and retention efforts to not only maximize the revenues that the client generates for our company but to serve them at the highest levels. The primary factors which contribute to the total revenues that any particular client will generate for our company are time, purchase frequency, and monetary value. Maximizing the value of our clients to our business means maximizing the time we spend servicing our clients’ needs.

We achieve client maximization by providing our clients with the products and services they seek, at competitive prices, and with terrific client service to ensure a client remains with our company for the long-term. However, there are always specific actions available to a company which will encourage clients to stick around longer. The challenge is knowing which actions to
apply to which client and when to do so for maximum results. We find this out by building strong and collaborative relationships with our clients. Transcend Facility Management Company is transforming the industry to a higher level of professionalism.