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When most people refer to or talk about those who are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the conversation is focused on medical workers, law enforcement, grocery store workers, and others they refer to as front-line workers. A significant front-line group of workers is generally ignored and forgotten. These workers have tremendous risk associated with what they do. They are removing and cleaning the after effects of residue, debris, trash, and pathogens including viruses from facilities where people work, live, worship, eat, learn, and recuperate. I am talking about the environmental services workers; commonly known as or called janitors or cleaners.

These workers are essential to guarding against the health risks the front-line workers are fighting to resolve. At Transcend Facility Management Company, we believe prevention is better than cure. As a result, we employ strategies and processes to guard against health risks to commercial properties, educational institutions, and health centers. Our environmental services technicians are essential to our efforts in achieving that objective. Around the region, we have positioned our technicians in support of our existing clients with great risks to themselves and significant opportunity costs to our business because we believe the sustainability of our existing clients is strategically more beneficial than chasing new business for the short-term quick buck.

In this collaborative endeavor of partnership with our existing clients, we leveraged our experience and resources to provide a comprehensive service regardless of the size, scope, service frequency, and location of the client. We have employed the electrostatic spraying technology utilizing PURTABS as well as utilizing other spraying solutions to combat pathogens including the COVID-19 virus. We also introduced the ATP testing technology to ensure maximum effectiveness of our processes and results.

Our business strategy is to maximize the value we deliver to our clients. This approach is driven by a real-time service model that goes beyond basic customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. We personalize our client support efforts and this has led to upselling. Most importantly, we go above and beyond to be responsive to all of their needs and concerns. We provide our clients with the products and services they seek, at competitive prices, and with terrific client service. Transcend Facility Management Company is transforming the industry to a higher level of professionalism. We care!