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Transcend Facility Management Company is providing guidance to clients compliant with OSHA protocols, CDC guidance, and EPA recommendations as we prepare for reopening of America.

Reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by cleaning and disinfecting is an important part of reopening public spaces and requires careful planning. Our process includes deep cleaning of all spaces, sanitizing, and disinfecting as we help clients to develop, implement, maintain, and revise the plan.

According to the CDC, coronaviruses on surfaces and objects naturally die within hours to days. By disinfecting surfaces after cleaning, pathogens, including viruses, are killed which can lower the risk of spreading infection. To protect our employees, we require the use of proper PPE including gloves appropriate for the chemicals being used when cleaning and disinfecting. We have placed safety data sheets (SDS) at all client sites and we update them regularly to ensure employees and stakeholders safety. Our staff are at increased risk of being exposed to the virus and to any toxic effects of the cleaning chemicals.

In helping our clients to develop their plans, we evaluate their space to determine what kinds of surfaces and materials make up that area. Most surfaces and objects will just need normal routine cleaning. Frequently touched surfaces and objects like light switches and doorknobs will need to be cleaned, and then disinfected to further reduce the risk of germs.

We recommend items that are easily moved should be removed completely to reduce frequent handling or contact from multiple people. Soft materials, such as area rugs and seating, may be removed or stored to reduce the challenges with cleaning and disinfecting them. It is critical that the plan includes an ongoing cleaning and disinfecting strategy after reopening. We focus on a flexible plan in the event federal, state, or local guidance are updated and if specific client circumstances change.

Reopening America requires all of us to move forward together by leveraging best practices and maintaining safe daily habits to reduce our risk of exposure to COVID-19. Transcend Facility Management Company is a trusted partner on the front lines helping our clients navigate this new reality. We guard against health risk to facilities where people live, eat, work, learn, worship, and recuperate by employing state of the art resources to properly clean and disinfect.