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Like workplaces around the world, schools have adopted and implemented heightened health and sanitation protocols in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. School system leaders are tasked with making decisions to keep everyone safe, as teachers and students return for in-person learning. Having a plan in place that incorporates state and local guidelines is the first step in keeping everyone safe for the long-haul.  Schools have always been known as a breeding ground for germs, and the fight to keep school environments as clean as possible is one that must continue even as people begin acclimating to post-pandemic life.

As a commercial cleaning provider with expertise in educational institutions, Transcend will work with you to establish a plan with solutions that will be most beneficial to your facility’s unique needs. Transcend offers industry knowledge and exercises best practices that will ensure the ideal outcome for your school’s students and staff as they reacclimate to in-person learning. The CDC advises determining when and what spaces, surfaces, and objects will be cleaned and disinfected and whether any additional training will be provided to staff members who may be responsible for those tasks. School administrators should clearly communicate what tasks each staff member is responsible for when it comes to daily cleaning.

Posting signage can serve as a helpful reminder for students to remember the importance of hygiene and working together to keep the school safe and healthy. Poor hygiene and sanitation can lead to teacher and student absences, which can ultimately cost billions to compensate for. Hiring a professional cleaning company as an ongoing preventative measure will save your school money.

Transcend stays up-to-date on all CDC guidelines, OSHA protocols, and state mandates, so our clients can focus their efforts elsewhere and have peace of mind knowing Transcend will not only enhance the appearance of the school but will clean with a level of excellence to guard against any health risks for students and staff. Transcend offers complete deep cleaning and disinfecting services and will combat pathogens, including viruses, to create safe teaching and learning spaces. The deep cleaning process covers ceilings, walls, and floors, as well as the use of an electrostatic disinfecting sprayer to ensure superior area coverage. Surfaces and touch points are major areas of the sanitizing focus at Transcend, and team members will properly wipe surfaces and touch points before applying solutions.

As the academic year progresses, administrators should review what components of the cleaning plan are working well and where there are areas for improvement. Transcend is here to support schools and help to eliminate stress factors teachers and staff members have faced in adjusting to new means of providing educational services in a post-pandemic world. The team at Transcend is familiar with the challenges workplaces have faced because of COVID-19 and brings a level of professional service that puts clients at ease.

The importance of a clean school environment cannot be understated. Whether in a K-12 environment or higher education, students and teachers alike thrive when they are in a space they feel comfortable in and proud to be at. Transcend specializes in creating customized and innovative plans to suit your school’s needs so that everyone feels safe and comfortable in a clean environment.

As a trusted facilities management partner, Transcend will work with you to develop a plan of action and deliver a quality of service to meet your expectations. Visit Transcend or call 484-369-6950 to schedule a walk-through of your school today.

Transform your space. Transcend tomorrow.

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