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Outsourcing cleaning for your business to a professional commercial cleaning services team will save you time and money and give your company the freedom to operate at maximum efficiency.

Still on the fence about whether or not to make the investment?

We will detail five reasons why you will benefit from hiring a professional cleaning service today:

  1. Boosts employee productivity

No matter what size your business is, having a clean and organized workspace is important. Studies have shown that clutter and disorganization contribute to anxiety and difficulty in making decisions. Having a clean workspace can eliminate distraction and help your employees to stay on task and be more productive.

A clean workspace will also improve the overall morale. The environments we spend time in affect our minds and moods, and utilizing commercial janitorial companies is an easy step to take to ensure that your employees will be at ease when they are at work. An increase in morale often leads to greater motivation, which naturally creates a boost in productivity levels. To set everyone in your company up for success, prioritize scheduling commercial cleaning services sooner than later.

With a commercial cleaning services partner like Transcend, you and your staff will appreciate your workspace, office, or retail space like never before.

2. Leads to long-term cost savings

Just about everything lasts longer when we take care of it, from vehicles to toys to relationships to – you guessed it – our work buildings. By hiring Transcend for your commercial cleaning services, you are setting the stage for your building to last longer. Businesses that do not keep up with regular cleaning will steadily degrade over time in both appearance and value. Taking preventative measures with professional cleaning on a regular basis will save you from added expenses down the road.

Consider the example of workspace floors. Often one of the first things to wear out due to foot traffic, flooring is also something that, when properly cared for, can have greater longevity. Regularly steam cleaning and professionally vacuuming floors will boost their appearance and equip them for daily wear and tear. At Transcend, we work to preserve the lifespan of all your assets – from the floors to the ceilings and everything in between.

3. Cleaner air to breathe

Having an office or retail space that is clean and dust-free will cut down on the number of germs, so your employees will be less likely to get sick. Letting germs linger increases the risk of employees getting sick, as well as customers if your building serves them too. Turn to Transcend’s commercial cleaning services to make sure your staff and clients are protected against health risks.

Transcend is dedicated to the use of eco-friendly solutions in all facets of our work. That means that the products we use are designed to clean with excellence and to improve the environment. Our team is trained in using eco-friendly technology and techniques, so that you do not have to devote additional time and resources to acquiring that equipment and training. An eco-friendly workplace is great for employee health and productivity.

4. Saves you time

Time is every bit as much of a currency as money is, and wasted time can never be regained. If you are spending time cleaning your own workspace or assigning the task to your staff, your business is losing time and money.  On top of that, delegating tasks, such as cleaning the bathroom to staff members who were not hired to do so, is a surefire way to bring down morale. Keep your team happy and on track with what they are meant to be doing (and what they are best at), and leave the cleaning to the trained professionals at Transcend.

5. Makes a positive first impression

If you only get one chance to make a first impression, make sure your business makes the best one possible by hiring and trusting Transcend with your commercial cleaning services. When potential employees come into your building for an interview and when clients or customers come in for whatever they may need, make sure that they like what they see. No one wants to work in or do business at a place where there are layers of dust and dirt or where they wonder when the last time was something has been cleaned.

Of all the commercial janitorial companies in Philadelphia, PA, you can trust Transcend to make sure your building is clean and ready to impress whoever comes through those doors. A clean and organized environment is attractive to employees and clients alike, and it is conducive to sustained success. Transform your facility, boost your reputation.

The team at Transcend is prepared to clean your workspace, so that you can rest easy knowing the space you have established will prosper as you reap the long-term savings from investing in commercial cleaning services.

Call Transcend at 484-209-0755 to schedule a consultation with one of our executives for a walk-through of your facility to get started with a comprehensive program to meet your janitorial needs with a quote that will meet your budget. Why wait any longer? Transform your space. Transcend tomorrow.

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