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As the temperatures start to drop and winter weather returns to Southeastern PA, the season can bring a host of challenges both inside and outside. Roads and sidewalks can of course become caked in snow and ice, and in turn snow, slush, and debris can get tracked indoors. Winter challenges are not for the faint of heart, but don’t worry – no matter your needs, Transcend FMC has you covered.

As one of the largest janitorial companies in Southeastern PA, we have years of experience making winter cleaning and maintenance efficient and effective.

Here is a winter cleaning checklist to help keep your property in top-notch condition throughout the harsh winter months:

Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Some property managers delay carpet cleaning during the winter months, thinking that holding off until springtime when the snow and ice have passed is best. In reality, there are several benefits to having carpets cleaned during the winter. With everyone spending more time indoors when the temperature drops outside, there is less fresh air circulating inside facilities. Postponing carpet cleaning allows the allergens and pollutants in soiled carpets to linger and negatively impact the indoor air quality. Plus, the longer carpet goes without cleaning the more difficult stains and buildup can become to remove.

Cleaning carpets regularly – regardless of season – will help to increase the longevity of the fibers. At Transcend, we are proud of the hot-water extraction or steam cleaning process we utilize to thoroughly clean and breathe fresh life into your carpet. Our process conserves water and energy and ensures that there will not be a lengthy wait period for the carpets to dry before being walked on again. If you’re looking for local janitorial companies to care for your carpets and other flooring needs, schedule a consultation with us to discuss your needs, receive a quote, and to ensure the best possible results.

Maintain HVAC Systems

Check to ensure that fuel is stocked up for whatever heating system you use. For any mechanical equipment, provide any of the proper lubrication needed for cold weather functionality. If possible, have heated enclosures around operating equipment. Facility managers should also ensure that personnel have been instructed in the right methods of thawing out frozen equipment, if applicable. Having an emergency generator available is also wise.

Concentrate on Entranceways

When snow and ice hit Southeastern PA, facility managers should aim to keep as much of it out of the building as possible. Installing quality indoor entrance matting is key to keeping rock salt, ice melt, and other debris out of buildings. Have ample matting in order for employees to be able to clean off their shoes before entering office or common areas.

Besides taking preventative measures, boost your commercial floor cleaning with local janitorial companies. The team at Transcend are floor cleaning and maintenance experts and can return the floors inside of your facility to the way they appeared when they were new – and keep it looking at that way year-round.

Wash Windows

Windows get covered with dirt all year-round, but in the wintertime the snow and ice can cause an even grimier buildup. The best local janitorial companies will remain committed to cleaning windows inside and out, even in the dead of winter. Any blinds and curtains with the windows need to be regularly dusted as well.

Deep clean and disinfect Workspaces

Germs are one of the largest things on everyone’s mind these days, and the uptick of sicknesses of all sorts in the winter makes hiring janitorial companies for deep cleaning and disinfecting a must. In addition to regular cleaning, it is crucial to disinfect things like door handles, laptops, and office supplies, as well as work stations, break rooms, and bathrooms. Transcend will serve as a frontline defense in helping your employees to thrive in a clean and safe environment.

Hopefully, preparing your place of business for winter is easier with this checklist in mind. Attention to detail and maintaining excellent cleaning routines with local janitorial companies can go a long way in creating savings for businesses on both repairs and replacements.

Call Transcend at 484-209-0755 to schedule a consultation so that we can do the commercial cleaning necessary to keep your facility in excellent shape no matter what the weather looks like outside.

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