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Floors are among the largest areas in a commercial building. While anyone regularly using the space may not give the floors a second thought if they look okay, everyone will be sure to notice when the floors start to show wear. Carpet in particular is quick to stand out as an eyesore when it becomes stained or frayed.

Commercial carpet is prone to accumulating lots of dirt because of high foot traffic. Keeping commercial carpets clean is worth the effort and investment to keep allergies and illnesses at a minimum, maintain a tidy, professional space, and keep your business’s reputation thriving!

If you’ve been searching for commercial cleaning and sanitizing services near the Chester County, PA vicinity, Transcend Facility Management Company is your solution. We are here to care for all of your commercial carpet cleaning and floor care needs, and today we’re discussing how often commercial carpets need to be cleaned.

That answer will vary, depending on several factors …

How much foot traffic does the carpet experience?

The frequency of professional cleaning required can vary depending on the amount of foot traffic through the area.

For example, a small office in the back of a building usually has less traffic – and therefore less water, sand, or mud – on its carpet than the carpet next to a lobby area. A lobby carpet may need to be commercially cleaned on a monthly basis, whereas something like a small corner office carpet may only need commercial janitorial cleaning once or twice a year.

What daily care does the carpet receive?

Taking time to vacuum daily will help extend the time between commercial janitorial cleaning. Vacuuming regularly with a high-quality commercial vacuum cleaner is an essential habit to help maintain your carpet. Regularly scheduled commercial cleaning will extend the life of a carpet even longer.

Transcend utilizes a hot water extraction or steam cleaning process as well as a dry extraction cleaner. We treat carpets with an environmentally responsible, soft, natural product. After a thorough vacuuming, we apply a cleaning agent that is agitated into the carpet with a soft brush.

After approximately 15 minutes, we rinse the carpet with a high-pressure jet of clean, hot water. The water is immediately pulled back into the reservoir along with dirt, grease, and oils that were released from the carpet in the process.

The process uses just the right amount of liquid to eliminate the dirt without requiring a lengthy wait time for the carpets to dry. We clean the entire carpet instead of just the areas that look dirty.

Are spills dealt with immediately?

Does someone promptly and effectively clean up coffee or other spills on the carpet? If not, the spills – whatever they may be – are more likely to turn into stains. But if spills are cleaned up in a timely manner, you may be able to go longer between professional cleanings.

Are exterior entrance/exit doors located adjacent to the carpet?

Commercial carpet near doorways will be hit with more dirt and moisture than carpet further inside a building. Rainy and snowy seasons – especially like the winter and springtime experienced in the Chester County, PA region – will expose carpets to harsher conditions, thus causing them to need more frequent cleaning.

The bottom (of the carpet) line

The answer to the question of how often commercial carpets should be cleaned varies for each building and its setup. At the very least, commercial carpet should be professionally cleaned at least one time each year. Typically, carpets that experience high traffic or severe weather conditions need to be cleaned more often: seasonally, quarterly, or sometimes even monthly.

Quality commercial cleaning and sanitizing services near me

Our experienced staff at Transcend is equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to service both large- and small-scale commercial carpet cleaning in and around Chester County, PA.

Instead of toxic chemicals that could be detrimental to children and pets, Transcend utilizes safer, plant-based solutions. Our process is environmentally-conscious, saving water and energy.

Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your commercial janitorial carpet cleaning needs today. We will provide you with a quote and service to transform your facility and boost your reputation!

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