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As more educational institutions of every size and style begin to outsource their cleaning to professional industrial janitorial services, decision-makers need to recognize what differentiates the biggest and best janitorial companies from the rest of the pack.

Cleaning educational institutions requires a different process from the regimens used for offices or medical facilities, and Transcend understands those specific needs. We have the specialized skills and knowledge to thoroughly clean your educational institution and prevent the spread of germs.

When researching prospective industrial janitorial services for your educational institution in Chester County, PA, and beyond, keep the following in mind:

Experience and Expertise

A distinct benefit of hiring the biggest janitorial companies is their experience and techniques for cleaning and sanitizing educational institutions. Buildings for learners are filled with a variety of surfaces and high-traffic areas, which presents cleaning complications that the team at Transcend is equipped to tackle.

With flooring ranging from carpet to wood and everything in-between, each surface needs specialized care in cleaning techniques and chemicals. Experienced professional industrial janitorial services like Transcend recognizes that requirement and will produce a cleaning plan to best care for every part of your facility. You need efficiency and effectiveness, and that is what our level of experience and expertise will bring you.

Attention to Detail

Educational institutions need to last for decades to serve all the students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members who utilize their rooms and halls. Our unparalleled attention to detail will help make that possible. We strive for excellence in cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance that will set the stage to make an impactful impression on learners. In a post-pandemic world, we are here to help ensure that your staff feels safe being at work.

In-house janitors are certainly valuable, but administrators who opt for professional industrial janitorial services tell us they appreciate the maintenance records that we provide. Our team will keep detailed records of work performed for you to look back on as needed. Doing this adds extra accountability to our attention to detail, securing a thorough cleaning process from start to finish, year after year. Our strategic imperatives, key performance indicators, metrics, and scorecards will maximize your value as our client.


The professional team at Transcend offers expert cleaning capabilities for the complex needs of educational institutions, which are held to the highest standards. We will work with you to develop a cleaning plan for your educational institution that meets your unique needs and priorities.

  • Air Quality: In light of COVID-19, many people are more aware than ever of the importance of monitoring air quality, particularly in shared spaces like educational institutions. Clean indoor air reduces the presence of allergens and other harmful particles.
  • Deep Cleaning: We work from ceiling to floor to thoroughly cleanse walls and everything that needs regular attention. This quality cleaning process can extend the lifetime of your facility.
  • High-Touch Surfaces: Computers, desks, door handles, light switches, and restrooms are a few frequently touched surfaces that need regular sanitization. We’ll thoroughly clean everything to prevent the unnecessary spread of common contagions. We have implemented a comprehensive cleaning process to detect and eliminate pathogens – including viruses – on all surfaces.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Caring for things such as floors can vary as the seasons change. Our highly-trained team at Transcend knows how to adapt as the weather in Chester County, PA changes from snow and slush to spring rain and mud to humidity and everything else Mother Nature throws our way.

These thorough, preventative measures will put the minds of students, parents, faculty, and staff at ease. Administrators and other decision-makers can rest assured knowing they’ve chosen professional industrial janitorial services that will work for the safety of those under their care.

Scope of Work

When you select professional industrial janitorial services, it’s essential to establish the scope of work from the get-go. Both parties should discuss goals and expectations at the beginning of any new contract so that everyone involved is on the same page.

At Transcend, we understand the importance of cleaning for health at educational institutions. We are equipped with the right tools and supplies to complete the janitorial services rendered in an educational setting, such as thorough floor care, dusting, sanitizing, and emptying trash. We have updated, eco-friendly resources and techniques to clean classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, gymnasiums, hallways, libraries, cafeterias, stairwells, restrooms, windows, fixtures, furniture, and doors.

Because educational institutions pose unique challenges to cleaning, choosing to contract industrial janitorial services will help ensure your learners are protected in a post-pandemic environment.

If you are considering contracting a cleaning service for your educational institution in Chester County, PA, contact Transcend at 484-209-0755 or for professional quality you can trust. We take pride in creating the ideal environment where your students and staff can grow and succeed. You want the best for your students, and so do we.

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