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Flooring is the foundational design focus of interior spaces. Whatever type of flooring you have – and chances are your home or workplace has more than one kind in the mix – you’ll want to make sure you’re cleaning it so that it looks its best and lasts a long time.

But when it comes to floor maintenance, one “size” certainly doesn’t fit all. Great commercial cleaning companies know the individual cleaning protocols for carpet, concrete, hardwood, laminate, and tile flooring.

How to Tell if Floors Are Well-Maintained

Looking at the baseboards, corners, and around doorway moldings is a trick for telling whether the floors are clean. Marks on a floor and dust bunnies gathered in the corners are dead giveaways that the floors have been neglected.

Take Preparatory Precautions

Place protective pads underneath chairs and other furniture to prevent scratches and marks. You should also place quality matting at each entrance in order to trap dirt before it gets tracked throughout the entire building.

Perform Daily Maintenance

If you want your hard floors to look their best, get into the habit of dust mopping or auto-scrubbing the floors daily. This practice will help prevent dirt from becoming ground deep into the finish. Removing loose dust and dirt with dry mopping will enhance the results when the floors are mopped.

When sweeping under cabinets or furniture, use an angled broom so you can reach the area underneath those cleaning obstacles. Using quality mops and brooms for your daily dusting will lead to better results.

Does Wet Equal Clean?

Somewhere along the line, people developed the notion that if a hard floor looks wet, then it must be clean. In reality, a wet floor does not mean it has been properly cleaned.

The less you know about proper mopping, the dirtier your floors will look. People notice floors because they tend to speak volumes about the overall operation of a building. Just like the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of a restroom contributes enormously to an individual’s impression of a facility, the state of your floors will contribute to your reputation among people.

Let Them Dry

When wet mopping floors, be sure to let the floors dry completely since how the floor dries will dictate how clean it appears. An improper dry will lead to streaks and other marks, which will make you feel like all your hard work was in vain.

If you favor air drying, make sure no one walks on the floors until they are totally dry. Turning on fans for increased air circulation is a simple way to dry the floors faster.

In lieu of air drying, you can opt to dry floors manually by taking a dry mop head, squeegee, towel, or sponge and wiping it across the floor. Move along in one direction to avoid creating lines or missing spots.

Daily maintenance will also extend the time between stripping and refinishing hard floors, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Frequent stripping and refinishing can also create health and safety hazards for your employees – mainly due to the harsh chemicals used in the process.

Janitorial Services Near Me in Chester County, PA

Cleaning like a pro is ultimately a time-consuming endeavor. No trick or shortcut will compare to investing time in proper cleaning and floor maintenance.

If you’ve been searching for commercial cleaning companies or janitorial companies near me, the team at Transcend would love to be your floor cleaning and maintenance experts. We serve a variety of industries in the Chester County, PA area with proven practices to enhance your floor’s appearance and optimize sustainability.

At Transcend, we use equipment and materials that will remove dirt, grease, and grime on hard surfaces that regular cleaners and mops simply cannot – particularly in hard-to-clean grout lines using specialized brushes! Our restorative cleaning process can bring the appearance of your flooring back to how it looked and felt when it was new. We strip, finish, burnish, dust mop, and employ a plan that will work well for your floor.

Schedule a consultation with one of our executives for a walk-through of your facility. We’ll provide a comprehensive plan and a quote to fulfill your floor cleaning needs that will meet your budget threshold. For more information, call us at (484) 369-6950.

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