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Cleanliness is necessary for health and safety, so companies must hire professional industrial janitorial services to ensure every nook and cranny is free from dirt.

However, sometimes commercial cleaners don’t get the job done right, resulting in hazards and wasted money. In some cases, it boils down to not using the right cleaning solution for the tasks at hand. Here are signs that your cleaning solution is not cutting it.

1. Residue Remains on Surfaces

If you suspect the cleaning solutions are not doing what they should, inspect your workspace after it has been cleaned.

This can be as simple as swiping your finger across a countertop or table surface. If there’s dust or dirt, it’s a no-brainer that the cleaning crew has neglected the space. If not, how does your finger feel? If it is greasy or tacky from residue clinging to your skin, the cleaning solutions used have either not been properly wiped off or are not right for the designated surface.

2. Water Marks

Water is a universal solvent used by the biggest and smallest janitorial companies and everyone in between. Water is necessary for any cleaning process where another liquid is involved and allows for industrial janitorial services to solve cleaning problems in an effective and environmentally safe way.

However, water left to dry on its own will leave marks and streaks on windows or floors. Sometimes that also means white edges will appear or feel slightly crusty. If you notice any of this, it’s safe to say the custodial crew has not taken the time to properly dry off the surface.

3. Restroom Odors

When the proper cleaning solutions are not used to clean restrooms, all sorts of offensive odors can linger and abound. The right cleaning solutions are necessary to deal with the types of soil and to prevent urine or ammonia odors.

Other unwelcome smells can come from poorly maintained floor drains. Knowledgeable industrial janitorial services pour a mix of cleaning solutions or enzymes into a noxious drain to remedy the odor and block sewer gas.

4. Unsightly Grout

Do the grout lines in your restrooms look grungy? Cleaning grout lines requires using the right solution – sometimes one with sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and disinfectants, other times a solution of enzyme and water.

Janitorial services should avoid using any disinfectants that could potentially neutralize the enzymes. Rotating the chemicals used to clean the grout will help keep the space free from unwelcome odors. It will also prevent any buildup that can become increasingly difficult to remove if not regularly maintained. This is information a properly trained and equipped cleaning team will know and avoid doing.

5. Sticky Floors

Have you noticed the floors don’t feel right? This is often the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back, as sticky floors are a telltale sign something isn’t working as it should in the cleaning department.

Sometimes using double the amount of all-purpose cleaners on the floor can remedy the situation. If not, a specialized wax remover should be applied to the floors to restore them to their cleanest and smoothest.

Periodically, certain floor types need to be thoroughly rinsed to prevent dulling. Too much of an all-purpose cleaning solution can lead to dull floors.

6. Discolored Chrome or Porcelain

If your workspace has chrome or porcelain accents and features that are starting to look dull or discolored, they have either been overlooked or not cleaned with the right solution.

Thankfully, this issue can likely be solved by treating the chrome or porcelain surfaces with a hard water mineral remover. Or in cases where the deposits have built up extensively, it may be necessary to install a water softener.

7. Disheveled Windows

Clean windows are an aesthetic asset that is easily taken for granted – until they’re dirty. That’s when everyone starts wondering whose job it was to clean those things.

The right cleaning solution is crucial for keeping windows clear and clean. Are your office windows showing streaks? This can result from using too much or not enough glass cleaner. Another culprit could be using high-absorbency paper towels or cloths that contain wax or fabric softener, which can leave residue behind and create streaks.

Industrial Janitorial Services for Chester County, PA  

Keep these signs in mind and take action if you see anything similar happening at your workplace. If you feel like the cleaning solutions at your workplace are not working and you need a cleaning company that will use the right products for the job, reach out to Transcend. We use high-quality products and equipment and have the experience and knowledge of how and when to use them.

As one of the biggest janitorial companies serving Chester County, PA, our vision is to transform the building service contracting industry and redefine a higher standard of professionalism. We employ the top cleaning professionals in Chester County, PA. We want to partner with you and your industrial space, educational institution, health center, worship center, or commercial properties. At Transcend, we face all challenges head-on and overcome anything we come up against.

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