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Industrial Spaces

We want to partner with you and your industrial space. Whether you have an assembly plant, manufacturing activity, warehousing operation, production line, fabrication or office spaces to conduct meetings, we are uniquely equipped to deliver innovative solutions to care for your space. Cleaning needs vary for industrial spaces and we are ready to deliver full-day and night servicing while you are operating. At Transcend, we leverage state of the art equipment and resources to meet our industrial clients’ needs.

Warehouses, factories, and similar large industrial enterprises bring a whole new set of challenges that one does not encounter in an average office cleaning space. At Transcend, we face them all head on, and overcome them whenever encountered.

  • Graffitti presents a challenging cleaning and pressure-washing situation.
  • Exits and emergency zones cleaning are required by most businesses.
  • Heights are an ever-present cleaning challenge for us but we handle them easily.
  • Cold room requires a specific approach as they need to be left in an active state.
  • Industrial grease removal is one of the most common reasons we are called.
  • Cleaning windows can require a significant amount of effort and expertise.
  • Sometimes, the sheer amount of filth built up for cleaning is just outstanding.
  • We inevitably adapt to new jobs as we encounter something new all the time.

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Schedule a consultation with one of our executives for a walk-through of your facility to provide you with a comprehensive program to fulfill your janitorial needs and a quote that will meet you budget threshold.

For more information about our comprehensive program to meet your industrial needs, call us at (484) 369-6950.

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