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Commercial Properties

Around the region, Transcend Facility Services is positioning itself to be the center of commercial properties’ janitorial services. From urban high streets to suburban centers, and industrial outlets, Transcend Facility Services specialists leverage industry experience and a global perspective to care for properties and provide clients with value maximization.

Educational Institutions

You want the best for your students and so do we. With significant care, trust, and expertise, we provide excellent janitorial services and maintenance. We take pride in creating the ideal environment where your students can grow and succeed. Working together we can deliver the best solutions for your institution.

Health Centers

The healthcare sector is among the nation’s largest and most regulated industries. With significant changes and shrinking margins, healthcare organizations are constantly evaluating facility services operations as a core aspect of their overall business strategy.

Industrial Spaces

We want to partner with you and your industrial space. Whether you have an assembly plant, manufacturing activity, warehousing operation, production line, fabrication or office spaces to conduct meetings, we are uniquely equipped to deliver innovative solutions to care for your space. Cleaning needs vary for industrial spaces and we are ready to deliver full-day and night servicing while you are operating. At Transcend, we leverage state of the art equipment and resources to meet our industrial clients’ needs.

Worship Centers

Places of worship are especially designed for individuals or a group of people to congregate and perform acts of devotion, veneration, and religious study. Because of the population flow in such spaces, they require special cleaning and sanitizing attention. Transcend services several worship centers around the region. Our solution dilution system and cleaning methodologies position us well to deliver safe, quality, and satisfactory solutions to these facilities.