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Paper & Plastic Product Facilitation

We leverage our buying power, consolidate needs analysis, and maximize our negotiating strength to enhance the value we deliver to our clients by reducing their paper and plastic products cost.

This gives us the contractual strength to access best prices, best services, and best technologies. The most obvious advantage we offer is economies of scale and consequent purchasing power.

We do this by effectively simplifying our procurement processes which reduce both the per unit cost on the goods and also the per transaction costs. By joining a GPO, we obtain information about suppliers, new technologies and market knowledge, as well as past purchasing experiences.

The end result is eliminating redundancy in the supply chain, as well as reduced transaction costs and achievement of far greater process economies. Since the purchasing group manages all stages in the lifecycle of contracts on behalf of their network, we benefit from a significant reduction in workload and are free to focus on our core business of janitorial services.

The benefits we receive and pass on to our clients:

  • Scale economies or “purchasing power”
  • Lower prices/greater negotiating power
  • Reduction of transaction costs
  • Process economies
  • Reduced workload
  • Improvement in best practices over time
  • Technical savings and improved TCO
  • Positive impact on the profits for each client we service
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