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Post-Construction Cleaning

After all the necessary installation of electrical work, plumbing, and framing, we are ready to conduct the first of three phases of post-construction cleaning. Removal of large items is the first and foremost step in the process. Debris, trash, leftover materials, and other items that cannot be vacuumed must be moved. The second phase is the most involved stage of the cleaning process. Rooms that serve unique purposes like restrooms and kitchen are thoroughly addressed. The final phase or the “touch-up’ phase happens several days after the second phase to ensure all settled dusts and dirt are removed. The final stage is designed to get the space ready for business.

We tailor our cleaning process to meet our individual client’s requirements. We clean the facility from top to bottom. Our technicians are ready 24/7 to get your facility back up and running after construction or a remodeling project. We handle clean ups, both large and small, whether it is clean up after a minor sheet rock repair or major clean up after an addition or remodeling, we are ready and able to get you back up and running fast and efficiently.

  • We remove all debris and appropriately dispose of them.
  • We clean all floors and walls of construction dust to improve air quality.
  • We clean all air vents during and after construction.
  • We dust and clean all fixtures, fans, surfaces, and decorations.
  • We clean all windows inside and outside your facility.
  • We strip, scrub, and finish floors where necessary.
  • We utilize HEPA filtration equipment to minimize harm to the air quality.

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