We deep clean, disinfect, and sanitize facilities to remove pathogens, including viruses.

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Value Proposition
We enhance the appearance of our clients’ facilities, we guard against health risks to our clients and their stakeholders, and we preserve the lifespan of our clients’ assets.
Our difference is primarily driven by our commitment to operational excellence. Our flawless execution against our defined performance metrics is monitored through consistent and interactive communication with our clients. We have designed a unique feedback system that encompasses daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews.
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Another distinct advantage of the Transcend Facility Services model is our focus on the creation of a high-performance culture. At the heart of that culture is an interactive and supportive work environment that encompasses recruiting and hiring competent talent, detailed onboarding processes, extensive employee training, daily activity checklists, and consistent and frequent coaching. These measures result in our team members feeling both empowered and accountable.

Offering above-market compensation and generous benefits make Transcend Facility Services an employer of choice. Clients will feel the result of these differences in areas such as low staff turnover and concierge-type responses to all stakeholders’ requests.

Promoting the benefits of environmentally friendly cleaning is a top priority at Transcend Facility Services. We leverage green products, microfiber cloths and mops, high-filtration vacuums, and chemical dilution systems to minimize the environmental impact of cleaning and improve indoor air quality. We offer green cleaning services and advise our clients on ways to use environmentally friendly solutions to reduce operational costs and create a safer indoor environment.

We adhere to federal, state, local, client, and Transcend Facility Services policies through background checks and clearances before job placement. We also require employees to complete safe environment education and quarterly operational training while consistently adhering to business conduct requirements.